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SQUIRRELLY ARTS ‘BLOODLINE [RMX]’ EP Album Review by Vincent Daemon


Manufactured directly out of the City Of Plastics, SQUIRRELLY ARTS is: Vikki SexXx- vocals, Emma-O – vocals, Korpse Dryver – bass, Zombie – Guitar, Gore Skin – Drums



Label: Self-Released

Release Date: Out now

When AndroidVirus very unsuspectingly slipped this to me *(like some kind of twisted sonic Mickey), I had absolutely no idea as to what I would be in for. SQUIRRELLY ARTS? I questioned to myself. What the HELL could this possibly be? I mean, one’s got to admit that “Squirrelly Arts” – – – it boggles the mind – – – it sounds a little, uh, squirrelly, really. Also, this promo came with no ego-bloated, hyper dramatic Press Release *(thank fukking Christ for that), in fact no information whatsoever – – – nothing like that at all. Just this strangely titled band of whom which I had never heard of before, and this 4 song ep release titled BLOODLINE [RMX].

So, spending the day waiting for the snowstorm that wasn’t *(we were promised an apocalypse of three feet – – – it was 3 inches, and melted rather quickly), I figured I’d pop this bizarre mystery nugget in and see what came of it.

What I was hit with was not at all what I was expecting. This is tight, mid-paced in tempo, war-like and thoroughly nihilistic in lyrical philosophy. The lead male vocalist Vikki SexXx goes at the vicious industrial-metal bombardment like a cement saw through a torso, a natural growl so angry and deep you can smell the blood in the spittle of his complete and total disgust for humanity.

As mentioned, musically this is essentially an industrial-metal backing ensemble, with some other influences creeping in here and there *(touches of goth mostly), mid-paced with a unique kind of groove, definitely alternately either danceable or slamable.  Emma O. provides the occasional mock-soothement of the heartache most of these songs imply. The rhythm section of Korpse Dryver (bass) and Gore Skin (drums) is impeccable. Last but certainly not least is Zombie on guitar, pounding out the relentless, abrasive drop-d tuned guitar thunder, which, at times, can come off slightly Nu-Metal sounding, which I most certainly felt was somewhat out of place, yet seemed to work for them in some odd way, perhaps due to the tempered chaos and strong production of the near-incessant background, not-so-tempered electro-chaos. And the songs all tend to be on the shorter side, all coming in around or a little over the three minute mark.

So I did a little more research on the band, and found out some info. This, the BLOODLINES [RMX] ep is their most recent release, but they do have two other full length albums under their collective *(and I’m sure quite spikey) belts: Illusions Of Self Worth (2012), and Plastic Doll Hole (2007).

Beyond that even, they are apparently extremely theatrical, completely mysterious, falling definitely and safely into the confines shock rock, all the standard staples of that included (blood spitting, all manner of macabre stage theatrics, etc.). But as I listened to the album a lil more, the lyrics, and the sheer strangeness of their musical nom de plums (Vikki SexXx = Nikki Sixx, Emma O. = Eva O., Korpse Dryver = Corpse Grinder, etc.) – – – there is definitely a sense of humor here, that while sonically may not sound it, it is most definitely there: subtle melodramas in the lyrics and their tales of silly gothic woes, the Nu-Metal almost-mockery of the guitar, the way over-the-top garmentry. The lightbulb went on finally.

Overall, once I got the gist of just where this collective of musical mongrels was coming from, it’s someplace different. And definitely something worth checking out. Especially the hidden track, *(my favorite piece on the album actually), a cover of the DURAN DURAN golden-oldie “Girls On Film.” The SQUIRRELLY ARTS version is really that good. Check out and support this band.


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1 Comment on SQUIRRELLY ARTS ‘BLOODLINE [RMX]’ EP Album Review by Vincent Daemon

  1. Listening to Bloodline now. These guys are right up my alley. Kick ass!


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