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We could be cheesy here and say “WE ARE LEGION!”, but that is again, cheesy. We are a collective of people that have all kinds of tastes, and thoughts in this world.

The Intestinal Fortitude celebrates everything in the world that involves that. From the mainstream Pop Culture, to the Oddites and Bizarre, and everything in between. Our goal is to question things, or just present cool and interesting ideas to you without any hidden agenda.

So enjoy the articles, all the different shows we have available to listen to, and the videos we find online to increase that knowledge quotient for the day!

Contact us on twitter: @I_Fortitude

Like our Facebook Page: The Intestinal Fortitude

If you have ideas for articles, or wanna share something cool, feel free to hit us up here or at the above mentioned areas! Thanks for checking us out!

– Sean (Curator and overall overlord…with ZERO powers in real life…)

1 Comment on About Us

  1. I had just finished listening to episode 101 w/Weird Paul and called to get this website. Your my kind of people, keep up the great work & I appreciate everything y’all do!


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